Become One with the land

sable creek safari lodge

Selati Game Reserve is a large reserve with diverse topography and biodiversity. In the east there are large granite hills where spotting Verreaux’s eagles and klipspringers is not uncommon.

Sable Creek Safari Lodge is in the Selati Game Reserve, one of the reserves with the lowest carbon print in the Greater Kruger Region.

There is no better place to learn about the delicate relationship between biomes, plants and animals than in the bush – where the animals greatly outnumber the humans. Our highly trained guides and hosts will open your eyes and your mind, uncovering the fine balance between animals, their environment and conservation. For the past three years, Sable Creek Safari Lodge has been following an ambitious conservation ethic in our relationship with the natural world. The reserve is well-known for its foresight and progressive land and wildlife management practices.

You will find a rich and diverse geological history with the Murchison Greenstone belt in the north-west of the reserve that contains the oldest rock formations on earth. The rest of the reserve is made up of three different granite and pegmatite formations. Rocky outcrops characterise the terrain and riverfront view making it an interesting region to explore while out on a game drive.

The dominant vegetation types are Combretum and Mopane woodland. This habitat is well-suited to the large elephant and giraffe population found there.

"Home to great mammals year-round and more than 450 bird species, it is a life-changing experience to go on safari at this iconic reserve."